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Since 1991, Contractors Precast Corp. has strived to produce nothing but the higest quality products. The byproduct of this dedication is a highly ranked plant that is clean, productive and safe to work in. In 2009, Contractors Precast recieved an NPCA plant rating of 96.3. This was recently topped by our new NPCA plant rating of 99.3. Our goal is to maintain this environment for the benefit of both our employees and our clients.

High Quality Products
Our quality control department along with our dedicated staff are responsible for some of the most impressive and durrable products in the industry.
Family Owned and Operated
Contractors Precast has been and will continue to be a family operated business. Contractors Precast corp. is a growing company but every new member is considered an addition to the family.
Environmentally Friendly
Contractors Precast Corp. has been at the forefront of environmentally friendly precast. Precast products protect the environment through long service life, non-toxic components and recyclable materials.